Bella swan


In Twilight Bella moves out from her home in Phoenix, Arizona, where she had been living with her mother and her stepfather, to Forks, Washington, where she lives with her father. At her new high school she meets the Cullen kids (Rosalie and Jasper Hale, Emmet, Alice and Edward Cullen). They say that they are adopted. Bella fall deeply and helplessly in love with Edward, but he is trying to avoid her for her safety. But Bella discovers that he and his family are "vegetarian" vampires (vampires who drink animal's blood, not human's) and tells him that she knows what he is and she is not afraid of him. She meets his family and they go to play baseball. In the middle of the game come three vampires. Their coven is named Jamie's Coven. They wanted to join the game. They don't know that there is a human, but in the end Jamie's know it and he wants to kill Bella. The Cullens try to protect her. In the end, James finds her and he try to kill her, but Edward and the Cullens save her.